Hey, I'm Tirth Gajjar

I'm aproduct architect,full-stack developer,and aleader. I thrive to build products and engineering teams from ground up and have successfully done so over the last 3 years.

I usually talk about JavaScript/TypeScript eco-system, Serverless technologies & AWS. I have worked with various front-end frameworks, developed Chrome extensions, designed REST & GraphQL APIs and have worked with many types of databases.

I love to build great applications, and that has drove some major decisions in my career.

I started working as data engineer in my first job at MAQ Software, and then explored a lot of technologies which excited me. As I was very keen on learning new technologies and identifying use-cases, I cleared 9+ Microsoft certification exams in less than a year, which got the opportunity to co-lead the tech-research team.

I wanted to work with a rapidly growing SaaS to gain actual product building experience, not just as a developer. So, I joined SalesHandy as a Senior Software Engineer. My main focus was to improve the engineering processes, building the product's Chrome extension and help the team adopt best practices in terms of development, testing and tooling.

I have been wanting to build a product from ideas to successful product. I started working on Knowuser, with a friend "Parag Chauhan" (Know more about why and how of starting Knowuser). It has expanded my understanding of what it takes to build a great product, and given me tremendous amounts of learnings in terms of product management and engineering systems design.

While I was working on Knowuser, I got to know about a situation in RAx Labs Inc. and I felt the need of helping the team. I joined as a consultant and conducted 100+ rounds of interviews, built (hired and mentored) a team of 8 engineers from scratch.

I had a lot to offer in terms of architecture design and leadership, so I got converted to a full-time employee as a Product Architect, and redesigned the most critical parts of the system. Learn more

RAx Labs Inc.

Feb 2020 - Now

RAx is a web app that assists research scholars to speed up their information discovery, improve understanding of scholarly articles and organize knowledge to be more productive.

As a product architect, I redesigned the architecture and achieved 4 nines of availability, improved scalability and saved up to 34% in cloud costs, using different AWS services and Serverless architecture.

Created, led and mentored a team of 8 engineers from 0 after filtering 500+ applications and conducting a total of 100+ rounds of interviews.


DEC 2019 - Now

Knowuser is a user engagement framework to empower product managers not only to understand in-app user engagement but to target specific users to engage, onboard, educate about product features and gather feedback - all from one place.

I was responsible for doing the concept formulation, competitive research, architecting tech solutions and building the web application for the product.

I have always been a fan of no-code tools like Notion, and I am a strong believer of Product-led Growth. Knowuser is meant to be the most flexible no-code tool, built to enable our customers to do product-led growth.

Become a better full-stack developer.

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