The Product

Knowuser is a user engagement framework to empower product managers not only to understand in-app user engagement but to target specific users to engage, onboard, educate about product features and gather feedback - all from one place.


I and my room-mate in college used to discuss several software product ideas to solve some problems we were seeing in our day to day lives. From that room to now, in 5 years we learned a lot about building Software products, and gained enough technical knowledge to chase the dream.

In last 2-3 years, I have worked very closely with the product teams and saw and experienced everything about their struggle in targeting users based on their in-app behavior. There are tools like Mixpanel and Amplitude which are extremely good with user behavior analytics capabilities, but when it comes to utilizing that data inside the application, there are lot of issues, one of them being "It's not realtime" even after doing multiple hecks.

To tackle these issues, I started working on Knowuser, along with some of my brightest friends. While researching the use case and market-landscape we came across tools like Appcues, Intercom,, WebEngage and saw that they are serving different purpose in the entire growth-hacking stack. We envisioned Knowuser to become a platform to do end-to-end growth-hacking, to make the process streamlined by creating guides and a knowledge framework.


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